Stephen Chan D.Hyp (Adv.) (FIAEBP) / BACP / AAMH Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Licensed Thrive™ Consultant in Belfast and Portadown (Northern Ireland)

Covering Belfast, Portadown, Ulster, Lisburn, Newry, Armagh, Antrim, Lurgan and Dungannon.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind, one which you automatically drift in and out of many times throughout the day, it’s whenever you’re physically relaxed yet your mind is effortlessly focused i.e. whenever you’re engrossed in a film or a book, or whenever you’ve driven home and forgotten about the last few miles you’ve just driven, during these times you didn’t fall asleep or lose control, did you?

This is what hypnosis feels like. It is a myth that hypnosis is a mind control thing that can be used to get you to do things against your will. If it was really was a mind control thing, why would hypnotists even bother working for a living?

What is Hypnoanalysis?

If you have tried traditional hypnotherapy or other therapies then you have probably been taught various coping and relaxation techniques. Whilst these techniques are reasonably good at helping you to cope, the effects aren’t lasting.

For example, depression isn’t a long dark tunnel or a huge black cloud, it’s not even some sort of disease that you went out and caught one day. People feel depressed because they feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to dealing with their stress and anxiety. Feeling like this for a prolonged period means that life begins to feel like an uphill struggle.

One of the reasons as to why we feel this way is simply because we are taught to keep a stiff upper lip and bottle it all up. Now it becomes emotional baggage. The effects of this emotional baggage make it increasingly more difficult to handle the increasing stresses of daily life and can eventually lead to physical and emotional symptoms such as depression; phobias, sexual problems, weight issues, addictions etc.

We carry emotional baggage because it’s the only thing we feel we can do, which is understandable because we have to try and get on with life. This gives us a sense that we have dealt with them, the out of sight out of mind mentality. However, there is a catch, every time something puts you under pressure or stress, or you’re experiencing life changes the effects of our emotional baggage make whatever is presently stressing you out, seem a whole lot worse.

Resulting in, an inability to handle the things that you feel you should be handling right now, as you make a drama out of every crisis, or develop physical and emotional problems, or turn to various other destructive behaviours in an effort to self-medicate.

IAEBP therapist’s, like myself are specially trained to use Hypnoanalysis in order to help you to sort your problems out completely, once and for all!

We don’t attempt to equip you more coping techniques that will hopefully get you by for a while. We simply help free you from the effects of your emotional baggage. When this happens, all the feelings that have held you back in life, all the things you’ve tried to keep control over, all those little nagging fears and doubts you have about yourself will also no longer have a grip on your life. You will finally feel able and worthy to be the person you have always wanted to be.

What I am offering you is a complete and lasting resolution! And not merely control of your symptoms through the use of dieting, anti-depressants, herbal remedies, alcohol, drugs etc. which might be the hamster wheel you are presently on.

In this day and age there is no reason why you should put up with something inside yourself, but outside of your control, that’s provided you can devote time, effort and the self-discipline it takes to be finally free from your problems once and for all!

What is Suggestion Therapy (commonly known as Hypnotherapy)?

Suggestion Therapy has many uses, but unlike hypnoanalysis it doesn’t offer a complete and lasting resolution to your symptoms, in fact, the best that it can offer is temporary relief from your symptoms – a bit like alcohol, drugs, food etc. This is why I refer to it as sticking plaster therapy, and like all sticking plasters, it cannot last forever. If you have already consulted other hypnotherapists before now, then there is a possibility you were given suggestion therapy.

Suggestion Therapy is ideally suited to and very effective for simple problems; and of course, for when the individual doesn’t have enough time to complete a course of hypnoanalysis and needs the quick fix which gives them the temporary confidence to; get on that flight, or pass that driving test, or get through that job interview.

Now, because suggestion therapy usually has immediate and often seemingly miraculous results, for this reason it is the method that is used when you see hypnotherapy programmes on the TV. But, these programmes very rarely do follow ups and if they did they would find a return of the symptoms, maybe not as severe but returned all the same. Or they would find a completely new symptom altogether because the first symptom has been substituted for a new one. I have used hypnoanalysis to deal with countless cases such as this.

Will I lose control?

There is absolutely no question of being controlled or manipulated, and it’s not a form of mind control as the stage hypnotists would have you believe. If this was really the case what would stop a hypnotherapist walking into a bank, clicking his or her fingers everywhere, and cleaning the place out. So you cannot be made to do anything against your will or code of ethics.

Will I remember what happened?

Yes, you will remember everything that happens during the sessions remember you don’t lose control at any time.

Can anyone NOT be hypnotised?

The mentally challenged and anyone who chooses not to be, remember it’s not a mind control thing. For problems which do not, for whatever reason, respond well to Hypnoanalysis, I am also a fully qualified and licensed Thrive Consultant™ (click here for details) the Thrive Programme™ is a specialised research backed psychological mind training programme.