Stuart, Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™

I was twenty two stones, suffering from Hypertension, Arthritis, and worst of all sleep apnia. I have tried everything in my 57 yrs to lose weight and keep it off, all the diet sheets in the world didn’t help. I didn’t realize that all the time the answer lay within myself.

I went to Stephen Chan after hearing a program on the radio about the Gastric Band therapy.
In one session he made me feel better about myself than I have in twenty or thirty years, that was last week and I have lost eight and a half pounds from one Monday to the following one. I don’t crave food I don’t even think about it anymore. Next week I have my virtual band fitted by a surgeon of my choice. I am looking forward to being healthy and fit again

Thank You Stevie

Further email…..

Hi Stevie

I can honestly say that my progress after your Hypno-Band therapy has been nice and steady I have now lost 1st 12 pounds in 5 weeks. I would highly recommend to anyone who has trouble with conventional methods of weight loss.

Kind Regards

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