Stephen Chan hypnotherapist, licensed Thrive Programme® consultant can help you to enjoy a relaxed childbirth experience using Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and specialised Cognitive Training at Ulster Hypnotherapy: covering Belfast, Portadown, Ulster, Lisburn, Newry, Armagh, Antrim, Lurgan and Dungannon, Northern Ireland

Hypnosis for relaxed childbirth and natural childbirth

childbirth1Relaxed childbirth and natural childbirth made so easy with Stephen Chan using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and the specialised research-backed psychological mind training programme known as The Thrive Programme®.

I invite you to realise the many advantages of using hypnosis, hypnotherapy and cognitive training during the birth of your child in Northern Ireland.

  • Can you imagine feeling calm, relaxed and in control of your birth?
  • How ecstatic would you feel about giving your baby the best possible start in life?
  • Imagine how exciting it would feel having a comfortable, natural and enjoyable birth?

Testimonial from Geraldine who visited Stevie for Childbirth Hypnosis

“I visited Stephen a couple of weeks after I found out I was expecting my first child. I had a phobia of doctors all my life and I knew that in order to enjoy my pregnancy I had to overcome the fear of ‘white coats’.

geraldine100babyAfter just one session I had overcome my phobia. During this session Stephen advised me of hypnosis he did around the pain of childbirth and how hypnosis could make the experience more enjoyable and less painful.

I have got to say I did not think this was possible but, as with any first time mum, I would have taken or done anything to alleviate my worries about childbirth. So, eight weeks before my due date I had three sessions with Stephen and was given CDs to listen to during labour; I was still sceptical up until I went into hospital but I can say now my daughter was born in April and I had only four hours of labour and my only form of pain relief was gas and air.

I had a wonderful stress-free labour and my daughter was and continues to be a very relaxed and happy baby. If I am lucky enough to have a second child I will use hypnosis again.’


The key benefits of Hypnosis For Childbirth and natural child birthing with hypnosis are:

  • Learn real skills that you can use during the birth, to dramatically bring down your pain levels, giving you more control of the childbirth process.
  • Control over your mind and body, allowing you to remain relaxed, calmer and happier, so you can really enjoy the wonderful experience of the natural birth of your child. Most importantly, you will learn how to remain relaxed, calm and in total control, regardless of what is happening around you.
  • The relaxed state stimulates your body to release endorphins, nature’s own powerful painkillers. Release yourself completely from any childbirth fears you may have had, regardless of where they came from.
  • It is really possible to have a natural childbirth with fewer drugs (if any), fluctuating blood pressure, anxiety, stress and nausea.
  • Reduced length of the first stage of labour by approximately 2 hours in the multip and possibly between 3-4 hours in the primip.
  • Because you will be so relaxed during the final stages of labour, the risk of you tearing is dramatically reduced, because no hard anxious pushing has been applied.
  • You will be less mentally and physically exhausted after the birth, in fact, you will even look fit and well.
  • You will have a less stressed baby, which means it will be generally calmer, cry less, sleep and feed better because of a less traumatic childbirth with hypnosis.
  • Greatly reduce your possibility of post-natal depression, due to the fact that you had a much calmer and less painful birth.
  • Recover from the birth much faster, because you haven’t ‘wasted’ energy in the process
  • The child birthing with hypnosis techniques that you will be taught for this birth can be used again and again, no matter how many children you have, (and you can also use them anytime to help calm and relax yourself whenever you feel stressed).

For more than a century, hypnosis has been used to control pain during labour and delivery but the introduction of chemo-anaesthesia and inhalation anaesthesia during the late 19th century led to a decline in its use. It’s easier and cheaper to medicate the expectant mother than to work with her for a few weeks before her birthing.

Nowadays the medical and dental professions frequently use hypnosis and hypnotherapy, with great success, for patients who have life-threatening allergies to anaesthetics, allowing them to undergo surgery with no drugs and no pain.

We know, therefore, that the mind can be trained to minimise, or even actually eliminate pain and this is one of the many reasons why, today, hypnosis and hypnotherapy is well established as one of the safest and most effective methods of natural childbirth – fewer drugs, or no drugs at all, means a massive reduction in the risk of side-effects for mother and baby.

Stephen has trained in Hypnosis for Childbirth with Dr. David Kato PhD DHP MIAH MAPHP Cert.H, Clinical Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist. David specialises in Women’s Health and Depression and runs seminars, lectures and workshops in medical departments in universities and hospitals. These are primarily for hypnotherapists, midwives & physicians in the USA and UK.

David’s website:

As an alternative to hypnoanalysis, you may be better suited to the specialised research-backed psychological mind training programme known as The Thrive Programme®. The best approach for you will be discussed during the free initial meeting.

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