Weight Loss With Hypnosis

If diets actually worked, there wouldn’t be so many of them!

If traditional samey old HYPNOSIS had worked, you would not be reading this NOW!


As Northern Ireland’s only certified FATnosis practitioner I say “It’s time to get tough on FAT! The reason why diets don’t work is because food isn’t the real problem! Since time immemorial, people have lost weight and made huge lifestyle changes due to one single ingredient – MOTIVATION!

To beat your FAT you need to cut out the fat fibs and realise that it’s NOT about food – it’s all about having a motivated mindset! A motivated mind-set that allows you do anything you want to do!


The fabulous Shirl did it with my support and this is what she has to say: “Loving this new part of my journey. All I had to do was change my mind, I decided I would no longer accept less than I deserve and that included a fat, unhealthy body. A body that held onto chronic pain, digestion problems, inflammation and fat!!! 

I was too young to be living in this body! Crippling fatigue, pain, headaches, respiratory problems, spasms, mind-fog, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety. The list goes on!! I stopped binge eating, I became mindful about what I put in my body, I moved more, I quit smoking and I changed my MINDSET!”


FATnosis is the Motivational Weight Loss Programme created by Steve Miller the weight loss master from TV’s Fat families.

In only 6 six weeks you will learn how to boost your motivation so you can do what you need to do in order lose the FAT and to start living the healthy lifestyle you want and deserve.

Steve Miller FATnosis creator

You will learn to hate YOUR FAT and FAT related conditions such as;

  • Heart disease and stroke.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diabetes.
  • Some cancers.
  • Gallbladder disease and gallstones.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Gout.
  • Breathing problems such as, sleep apnea, Asthma, and many more…

It’s about time we started getting tough on FAT. In recent times a very dangerous mind-set has been promoted…FAT acceptance. Having a FAT acceptance attitude is dangerous and is bordering on denial. It is also one of the main reasons why the population is getting fatter and fatter, whilst wondering why they feel so powerless to anything about it. How on earth are you going to find the motivation to change anything you are trying to convince yourself that you are OK with?

Accepting and loving yourself for being FAT means you are basically signing your own death warrant – the FAT acceptance attitude is a motivational drainer…it’s absolute madness!

Yes, while it is important to be happy and to love yourself for who you are – BUT, don’t allow yourself to fool yourself into thinking that your FAT is you – YOUR FAT IS NOT YOU!

Is it really possible be happy with yourself when you are:

  • struggling to do what others find easy?
  • putting your health at risk?
  • avoiding your own reflection?
  • being an unhealthy role model?
  • feeling comfortable in your clothes?
  • feeling unattractive?
  • feeling that others are judging you and your FAT habits and behaviour?
  • feeling that food has control over you?

However, if you have convinced yourself that you are happy despite all of the above, when there really is something you can do something about it…fair play to you, and I wish you well because this obviously isn’t the programme for you…and goodbye.


For those of you who are still here because you have tried everything else and you are ready to WAKE UP and take action by getting tough on FAT then…

The FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme can teach you how to love you, but to hate your FAT and your FAT lifestyle which stopping you from the healthier slimmer lifestyle…and this something you can really happy about.

Look how happy Sue is with my support and her fabulous FATnosis results…and she’s only started!

This what the amazing Sue has to say; “FATnosis was my last chance to lose weight. After doing all those silly diets over the years, I never thought FATnosis could be so easy. It’s great at last to be in charge of myself. I get up in the morning and know I’m in total control of what I eat and drink…long may it continue!”


*Warning – this programme is ONLY suitable for people who are serious about learning how to lose weight and keep it off*

The FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme is a six session programme that is tailor made to YOUR OWN unique needs.

Session 1 – We are setting the context and building the foundations of the programme. You will learn in depth about how the programme works, as we work through your unique case history, and the ‘Cut the crap!’ excuse buster, and as you are introduced to the 80 – 20 meal plan, and your motivational actions, including creative portion control techniques.

Session 2 – You will learn the Self-Motivational Mind-Set Programming technique. This powerful technique turns your inner voice into one that is literally bursting at the seams with that much conviction, and motivational power that afterwards you will automatically feel a massive sense of drive, motivation, enthusiasm, and control over food and lifestyle.

Session 3 – We are reinforcing everything you have learned so far. You will also learn how to create an aversion to the FAT habits and behaviours that are not conducive to living a slim healthy life – adding even more powerful techniques to your Fat busting arsenal!

Session 4 – Your own Self-Motivational Mind-Set Programming will receive a huge boost as I deliver a Motivational Mind-Set Programming session based upon what you want to implement immediately! We will boot out any lingering excuses, whilst keeping everything fresh and inspirational for the coming week.

Session 5 – Again your own Self-Motivational Mind-Set Programming will receive another huge boost as I deliver a second Motivational Mind-Set Programming session based upon what else you might want to implement immediately. Now, you are taking ownership and proving to yourself that you are now in control, in control of your food, in control of your motivational levels, you are now in control of your lifestyle.

Session 6 – I deliver a final wonderful Motivational Mind-Set Programming session based upon 5 things that you feel are really, really important for you to continue moving forward, and leaving you feeling excited about your FAT FREE future. Motivated about your weight loss, and your new no bull attitude towards FAT.

A very important and unique part of the FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme the programme is that you will have daily contact with me either through text messaging, email, and if it’s absolutely necessary there’s even SOS emergency Skype. This means that I am doing everything I can do to support and motivate you as you do everything you can every step of the way.


The effectiveness of the FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme is down to you adopting an excuse busting, no beating around the bush attitude as you (with my help), take back the responsibility for your health and lifestyle choices.

  • The FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme IS NOT for anyone wanting the softly, softly ‘it’s not my fault, it’s all about my childhood’ etc. dis-empowering and antiquated counselling attitude to why people are FAT – this is about waging war on FAT!
  • The FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme is perfect for anyone who hates being FAT and has found that being mollycoddled hasn’t helped in the slightest.

So, if you are ready to be motivated to BEAT YOUR FAT – then and only then call me!

Your 6 session FATnosis Motivational Weight Loss Programme plus your daily motivational support system and SOS back up support is only £495.

Please contact me to a free consultation if you would like to know more

Phone me on 07854877882.

You can now arrange FATnosis sessions anywhere in the world via Skype.

Arrange Thrive Programme sessions with me stephenchan247 anywhere in the world via Skype.

Arrange FATnosis sessions with me stephenchan247 anywhere in the world via Skype.

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