Testimonials and Client Feedback for Stephen Chan

IAEBPverified_testimonialsHypnotherapist and licensed Thrive Programme™ consultant at Ulster Hypnotherapy: covering Belfast, Portadown, Ulster, Lisburn, Newry, Armagh, Antrim, Lurgan, Dungannon and Dundalk, Northern Ireland

Stuart, Hypno-Band Weight Loss System™

I was twenty two stones, suffering from Hypertension, Arthritis, and worst of all sleep apnia. I have tried everything in my 57 yrs to lose weight and keep it off, all the diet sheets in the world didn’t help. I didn’t realize that all the time the answer lay within myself.

I went to Stephen Chan after hearing a program on the radio about the Gastric Band therapy.
In one session he made me feel better about myself than I have in twenty or thirty years, that was last week and I have lost eight and a half pounds from one Monday to the following one. I don’t crave food I don’t even think about it anymore. Next week I have my virtual band fitted by a surgeon of my choice. I am looking forward to being healthy and fit again

Thank You Stevie

Further email…..

Hi Stevie

I can honestly say that my progress after your Hypno-Band therapy has been nice and steady I have now lost 1st 12 pounds in 5 weeks. I would highly recommend to anyone who has trouble with conventional methods of weight loss.

Kind Regards

Social Phobia/Anxiety successfully helped with The Thrive Programme™

Hi Stephen things are going really well this week has been full of challenges and each one is getting easier each time 🙂

Here is my testimonial –

From being very sceptical that anyone or anything could actually help me and then to find that Stephen actually made it so simple , challenged my thinking and my words and showed me another way of thinking  that has not only helped the original problem I came for but also in all areas of life too!! And that is the difference I think between this and all other therapies is that they only address the issue were as with Stephen, your entire thinking and life outlook is changed or challenged .

Here is his Mum’s TESTIMONIAL:
I cannot recommend Stephen’s work highly enough. He has helped transform my son’s way of thinking to such an extent that this wonderful young man is now able to take charge of his own life and manage what previously were insurmountable obstacles ruled by his anxieties. Stephen became an inspiration and a friend, and we would recommend to anyone suffering anxieties of any kind to seek his expertise.

A client with O.C.D. treated with Hypnoanalysis

I simply feel much more confident now – in work and in my personal life. My self esteem has greatly increased – I feel like I matter, that I have a value. I walk taller. I no longer feel that I have no right to be here. I feel more physically attractive as a result and much more masculine. I feel powerful and in control.

I avoided relationships with the opposite sex to the point where I convinced myself that I was homosexual. Unbelievably, I now feel that it would be possible for me to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex! For the first time in my life I feel sexually attractive.

I used to think and plan constantly. I would play out scenarios in my head, usually planning for when things went wrong – this led to the constant worry I experienced. This has virtually stopped. I feel a great deal lighter (of mind) and more spontaneous. I’m simply enjoying life more, now that I don’t have this constant conversation with myself. The O.C.D. has all but disappeared too. I can’t say that all of this has made me feel euphoric in any way, I just feel normal and content and that’s exactly what I wanted out of this. It has honestly been life changing.

Geraldine after undergoing Childbirth Hypnosis

geraldine100baby“I visited Stephen a couple of weeks after I found out I was expecting my first child. I had a phobia of doctors all my life and I knew that in order to enjoy my pregnancy I had to overcome the fear of ‘white coats’.

After one session I had overcome my phobia. During this session Stephen advised me of hypnosis he did around the pain of child birth and how hypnosis could make the experience more enjoyable and less painful. I have got to say I did not think this was possible but as with any first time mum I would have taken or done anything to alleviate my worries about childbirth.

So eight weeks before my due date I had three sessions with Stephen and was given cd’s to listen to during labour, I was still sceptical up until I went into hospital but I can say now my daughter was born in April and I had only four hours of labour and my only form of pain relief was gas and air. I had a wonderful stress free labour and my daughter was and continues to be a very relaxed and happy baby. If I am lucky enough to have a second child I will use hypnosis again.

Geraldine Devine.”

Blowaway/Exam Nerves

Heyy stevie !

its megan the “geek” who came to see you  a couple of months ago because i panicked about tests and studying :’)! well i listen to your cd and self talk all the time and last week i had my modules for some of my GCSE’s. i only studied an hour everyday and i went in feeling confident, not even nervous and they were all easy! so im just sending you this to say thanks and you really did help me.

From Megan !