Perfectionism KILLS self-esteem!

‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall’…Confucius

When you make a mistake, you need to STOP beating yourself up by verbally abusing yourself for being less than perfect. It doesn’t make any sense at all when you do this simply because YOU are the only person who demands this from YOU, no-one else, just YOU.

This is just a self-esteem destroying habit. So, begin to change it by creating the new habit of reminding yourself that everything you do is a just an opportunity to learn, and grow, and evolve, and to progress.

Create the habit of asking yourself ‘what is there to learn from this that’s going to help me in the future?’

When we do this, we will begin to understand ourselves better, which will prevent us from having to learn the same lessons again and again.

The reason why we fall is so we can rise again…

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Superstitions weaken you!

Superstitions only create more anxiety and stress!

If you allow yourself to be superstitious, you are basically allowing yourself to believe that part of your life is being influenced and under the control of magical forces outside of your power and control…sure what’s wrong with that?

Wake up!

This is basic psychology. In any given situation the amount of anxiety and stress one feels has a direct influence on the amount of control we feel we have over it.

Now, think about this, believing that whether you are going to have a good or bad day is down to a number, a black cat, a magpie, a piece of wood, fate, luck or chance etc. Or anything or anyone else for that matter, is a good thing to believe?

Or, do you think it would benefit you more to believe whether you are going to have a good or bad day depends on the work and effort you put into it – which makes it something you can directly influence?

Also, superstitions are NOT based on facts that effected everyone – unlike gravity. Which means that a superstition will only effect or have power over the believer. This in turn makes total sense of the empowering belief, that you really do make your own luck!

The moral of the story is…STOP giving your power and control away to external forces, because you just might need?

Stevie Chan